Sweetpotato Cultivars

Sweetpotatoes in Australia are separated into 4 categories for marketing; Gold, Red, Purple and White. Each category consisting of different cultivars.

Category 1: Gold skin and Gold flesh

Three cultivars make up this category with flesh colour and flavour being their notable aspects. This category comprises over 95% of the Australian sweetpotato market.

  1. Bellevue: Yellow to pink gold skin, smooth consistent elliptical shape, field resistance to root knot nematode.
  2. Orleans: Rose gold skin, nice elliptical shape, can be attacked by nematodes
  3. Beauregard: Rose gold skin, nice elliptical shape under good growing conditions (can lose shape under poor conditions), susceptible to nematodes.

Typically Bellevue is available on markets early after Christmas following short summer growing season, with Orleans and Beauregard available during the longer winter growing season.

Category 2: Red skin and White flesh

Three cultivars make up this category.

  1. Northern Star: Double skin (assists in reducing marking during harvest), smooth elliptical shape but can go bumpy/ribbed during difficult growing periods.
  2. Southern Star: Double skin, smooth elliptical shape, skin colour can go pink under some growing conditions.
  3. Murasaki: Single skin (can get some skin damage during harvesting exposing white flesh which can go grey on exposure to air), regular elliptical shape.

Category 3: White skin and White/purple flesh

  1. WSPF: White skin, White purple flesh. Sometimes marketed as Hawaii in Australia.
  2. Eclipse: White skin, White purple flesh. Consistently 20% higher yield than WSPF

Intensity of the purple flesh in both cultivars can vary considerably between plantings.

Category 4: White skin and White flesh

  1. Bonita: Tan/white skin with white flesh . Smooth skin with consistent elliptical shape. Flesh has slight sweet flavour.
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