Australian Sweetpotato Growers Inc.

Welcome to Australian Sweetpotato Growers Inc. (ASPG)

ASPG is a not for profit grower run organisation representing Sweetpotato producers and their interests. It is estimated over 60% of Australia’s sweetpotato growers are members of ASPG representing over 85% of Australian sweetpotato production. ASPG was formed to coordinate research and development activities, engage growers in conversation and promote sweetpotatoes to all facets of the Australian sweetpotato industry.

The Sweetpotato represents health on a plate; it ranks number 1 in nutrition of all vegetables and does it all while rating low in Glycemic Index. Sweetpotatoes taste great, are easy to prepare and have a long shelf life. ASPG is committed to producing the finest of this wonderful root vegetable for consumers.

  • ASPG is a grower body representing grower interests
  • Members gain up to date R&D results, industry news and opportunities to meet
  • For more information on ASPG contact us via our contact page
Current Projects

HIA supported project

Innovating new virus diagnostics and planting bed management in the Australian Sweetpotato Industry Read More...

Collaborator with DAFF in ACIAR supported project

Identifying strategies for reducing virus and weevil losses in sweetpotato production systems in PNG and AUS. Read More...

ASPG Inc. Supported Project

Establishment of a Marketing Levy for Sweetpotatoes

About Us

ASPG is a not for profit grower organisation. Read More..

Key Facts

Australia produces 100,000 tonnes of sweetpotatoes. Read More..


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