Who we are

Australian Sweetpotato Growers Inc. (ASPG) began operating informally (2003) as a group of producers coming together to learn, exchange ideas and undertake activities for shared benefit. ASPG was formally incorporated in May 2007, under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. ASPG has one employee (providing secretariat services) and a dedicated, elected Management Committee, which includes large and small producers from both Queensland and NSW.

Fifty-one (51) of the industry’s current producers are financial members of ASPG. These members are responsible for between 80-90% of national Sweetpotato production. This is among the highest membership (by production) of any industry peak body in horticulture. ASPG members currently pay a voluntary levy (in addition to the vegetable R&D levy) that goes to support the running and administrative costs of the organisation.