Our Management Team

Our management team consists of the president, treasurer, secretary and a management committee. Membership of the committee comprises at least 2 representatives from Bundaberg (Queensland) production region, at least 1 from Cudgen (New South Wales) production region and at least 1 member that represents minor production regions. The management committee appoints subcommittees to help with the conduct of the associations operations. Currently ASPG has three subcommittees, Research and Development, Marketing and Promotion and Chemical Minor Use.

Rodney Wolfenden


Rodney owns and operates a sweetpotato farm at Rossmoya (40 km north of Rockhampton). Over 35 years he has grown many crops including dryland grain crops, peanuts and watermelons. Sweetpotatoes are now the mainstay of his farming enterprise.

Troy Prichard


Troy moved from Cudgen to Bundaberg in 2001. He is farm manager for Prichard family farms.




John Maltby


John joined Queensland Department of Primary Industries in 1975 working in various positions as soil chemist, agronomist, extension officer and in quality management. In sweetpotatoes John was part of a team involved in virus, nutrition, planting and irrigation studies. He retired from DPI in 2009.

Management Committee:

  • Matthew Prichard (MN&HS Prichard, Cudgen)
  • Dean Akers (Rosie Produce, Bundaberg)
  • Darren Zunker (Windhum Farms, Bundaberg)
  • Eric Coleman (Aus Sweetpotato Seed, Rockhampton)
  • Mal Beutel (Zanthe Pty Ltd, Bundaberg)
  • Steve Paddon (D&LE Paddon, Cudgen)
  • Michael Jess (Jess Bros Pty Ltd, Esk)
  • Damien Botha (Greensill Farming Group, Bundaberg)
  • Russell Mortimer (Mortimers Farms Pty Ltd, Bundaberg)
  • Sam Tully (Cudgen)